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Meet the Trainers

Todd Greene

Todd has been training dogs for five years. He completed coursework with training certifications including ongoing CEU.  Notably, he is a Karen Pryor Academy certified training partner (KPA-CTP).  Todd is also committed to bringing the most current, successful animal learning techniques (focused on positive reinforcement in a fear-free environment) to the Central Illinois area.


Todd has a background in biology, having received his Bachelor’s in this field of study from Illinois State University with a focus on Neurophysiology and Neurochemistry. In the past, he has worked on Dopamine-related behavior neuroscience research. Currently, Todd has an incredibly loving relationship with his two Leonbergers, Odin and Mouse. They work and play with dock diving, odor detection, obedience, rally-o, and barn hunt trials. He says, “Remember, big dogs can do it, too!"


Teena Roth

Teena has been working with dogs since 1996, after training her own rescue dog in a local obedience class. She also works as a veterinary technician and dog groomer at a local veterinary hospital.


Teena has obtained several different titles on her dogs over the years. From this experience, she became a canine good citizen evaluator and a SPOT socialized pet obedience test. She has taught confirmation, obedience, nose work agility, barn hunt, and advanced obedience classes. Furthermore, Tina specializes in dog reactivity, consultations, and private lessons.

Christine Jackson

Christine is a new member of the training team at BrightStar Canine Academy. She shares her enthusiasm for this partnership by stating,  "I love animals and have developed a passion for humane dog training using positive reinforcement techniques. I am really excited to get to work training and helping people build healthy, lasting bonds with their pups!"


If you're already a member of the BSCA family, please welcome Christine next time you're on campus!

And if you are new to our community, please feel free to reach out through our contact form and we will get you started with our awesome team of trainers. Let us help you discover your best friend!

Coming soon...

We are thrilled to share that we are adding more stellar trainers to our team!

Stay connected to see our updated roster, as well as more exciting news!

KPA-CTP patch saying BrightStar canine is credentialed and authorized to use Karen Pryor Academy name.
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